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Hungry for genuine spiritual worship? Want to experience the presence, the love and the power of GOD as never before? Want your life to see a new page totally swimming in the ocean of God's goodness and mercies? Want to overcome the forces beyond your control that drag you to do what you don't want to do but continue doing, and what you want to do, you feel powerless to do? Want to grow to become a solid child of God or a christian who stands as a rock that isn't easily moved by circumstances and so forth?
Well, you have nothing to loose by taking the giant step of coming to worship with us. At New World Deliverance Ministries, GOD is your TRUE PROBLEM SOLVER! Come and Taste the GOD who made you; HE'll Cleanse you, Rinse you and Dress you anew! YES, HE'll make your life NEW again! What are you waiting for? Be on your way now!!
Whether you're an old christian or new, you have a place that you can truly enjoy the GOD of all Creation! You're coming to a power house of prayer, worship, sound biblical teaching, deliverance, healing etc. See you soon.



Place of Worship:      13470 Martin Luther
                                   King Jr.Way 
                              Seattle, WA 98178

Time:                      3:30pm Sundays & Tuesdays 6pm 

Monday thru Saturday: Call Pastor EB at 206-718-6066

For: Deliverance appointments, counseling, spiritual matters, etc.


Pastor Ebenezer & Phyllis Ackun